Local Lightning


Local Lightning Strikes

Local Lightning Strikes

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Regional Lightning Strikes Loop

Regional Lightning Strikes



National Lightning Strikes Loop

National Lightning Strikes


Lightning Terms

  • -IC - Negative in cloud or intracloud strike

  • +IC - Positive in cloud or intracloud strike

  • -CG - Negative cloud to ground strike

  • +CG - Positive cloud to ground strike. Due to its long continuing current, a positive cloud to ground strike is considered to be one of the most dangerous forms of lightning and is often the cause of lightning initiated fires and human deaths.


BlackmoreWX Lightning Analysis

  • Discharge Lightning Analysis - Discharge will parse the archives generated by Astrogenic's NexStorm and create html reports based upon the data. Gives a history of pervious lightning storms.

Blackmore WX METAR

Blackmore WX METAR


East VA RADAR Loop

East VA RADAR Loop


US Atlantic Coast Loop

Atlantic Ocean IR SAT Image


National RADAR Loop

National RADAR Loop



Regional IR SAT Loop


Jet Stream Loop

Jet Stream Image


World IR SAT

World IR SAT Image



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